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We hope that this site will help you to understand Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and give you tools to help your children, or simply understand those families who are dealing with this type of brain injury.  Its hard living with a child(ren) effected by FASD, instead of judging the family, try and learn what you can about the disability and be a support to them.  Start by reading this FAS Fallout.


We don't claim to be the experts in this field nor is this site exhaustive. But we have read and researched quite a bit of information to help our children and wanted to pass this information along to you. It is our hope that the compilation of information on this site will make your learning about FASD easier than it was for us. You are not alone.

Further, it is our desire to educate others about the effects that alcohol consumption can have on unborn babies. That drinking even one drink during pregnancy can cause irreversible brain damage and life long struggles. FASD is a 100% preventable disability. 


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